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Black Diamonds Trading is a company specialized in good Quality for Steam Coal Iron Ore and Nickel. Based on our experience in this Industry we have good Network in Asia, Europe and USA.

Our Steam Coal production from Borneo / Indonesia, Columbia, Venezuela. We Make sure for all the Coal and Iron Ore that we offer come from Mining Companys directly, with legimitation from the Goverment to Export Coals. Before we Contact our Clients, we check all details for each mining personaly.

This is why Black Diamonds Trading work successful in this Business. Black Diamonds Trading connect all parties together directly with the 1st Party either the Seller or Buyer and the prospective Client. There are no vacancies for 2nd, 3rd Parties and mediators. This allows positive, constructive and satisfactory dialogue between the parties to lead to a successful contract with repeat and repeated business.

NDNC (Non Disclosure Non Circumvent) is to encourage the above paragraphs to proceed and by so doing prevents misunderstandings and ambiguities. An NDNC is signed if appropriate with each party, so movement of discussions are freely within themselves considering the conditions. All orders, sales, purchases, customer services, etc., initially must be validated by us before being activated.

Black Diamonds Tradingis also supplying high Quality of Natural Stone based on our experience in this Industry we have our networks in Europe and the USA. Our manufacturing facilities are located mainly at the nearby and locally abundant natural stone resources.

We are happy to present our Service and look forward to your request. If you need further assistance, please contact admin@blackdiamondstrading.com