• Coal


Building up of personal relationships with our clients, based on trust, transparancy and clear communication, forms the basis of all our business activities.

Black Diamonds Trading is solely focussing on Indonesian; Colombian and Venezuela sourced and supplied commodities. Our supply portfolio includes thermal (steam) coal, coking coal, iron ore & nickel ore. As a reliable partner in the international market for raw materials we acquire our commodities solely from leading Indonesian, Colombiana and Venezuelas producers, who all have the necessary permits and certificates in place, and deliver it globally to various customers.

Our suppliers have been carefully selected based on their proven track record, their extensive business experience and strategic location based on existing infrastructure and manageable logistics to the Loading Ports.

Black Diamonds Trading guarantees that our fuels meet or exceed all specifications.

Our customers stem from a variety of sectors, including power generation, cement manufacturing, iron and steel production and waste processing. Our main focus lies in markets like China, India, the Middle East and Europe.

We always strive to work to cater to our client's wishes when it comes to shipping and payment terms and most importantly regarding securing of the goods during all stages of the logistics.