• Coal


Our Company Black Diamonds Trading is specialized in Coal and Natural Stone Trading. The Company is build up on the 05 September 2017 in Malaysia with the Registration Number: LL14030.

The Coal that we supply come from Kalimantan / Indonesia, Venezuela, and Colombia.

We are also specialized in all kind of Natural Stones, and we supply worldwide, especially to Asia, Europe and USA.

Black Diamonds Trading is under professional management. We are working hard and trustfull in this Industry, we know and understand this Business and what our Clients needs. After many years build up the business, we had very good Contacts to the Mining and Natural Stone Companies, that we can offer good Quality of the product and serious Sellers. We have the direct Contact to the Seller and working very close with them together.

Black Diamonds Trading is looking for long term Relationships to the clients.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail us directly at admin@blackdiamondstrading.com

Managing Director
Klaus Heselschwerdt